Friday, June 15, 2012

  TCU Florist's Holly Callahan recently completed the class entitled Wedding WOW: Bouquets with Style hosted by Teleflora at its state of the art Education Center in Oklahoma City, Okla. Floral designers from all over North America attended the seminar to learn the lastest trends and techniques in flowers for brides, attendants, and flowers to wear.
  Holly participated in four days of intensive hands-on design sessions, mastering the lastest shapes and forms of bouquets. The class also learned about how to care for premium flowers used in wedding work and how to make them last longer. Taught by successful retail florist, Susan Ayala AIFD PFCI of Loma Linda, CA, the class focused on creating coordinated designs to make beautiful wedding memories. Each student was taught how to creat a variety of designs for brides to carry and flowers to wear. Students were challenged to complete a series of projects during the class.
  Holly received a cretificate of completeion from the Teleflora Education Center, now in its 27th year of providing advanced floral education, in recognition of the advancements made during this intense hands-on design class.