Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Exciting Changes At TCU Florist

At TCU Florist we are always thinking of new ways to better serve our customers. We are really excited to announce some new things that will be happening over the summer!!!
In the next couple months we will be able to alert you by email that your statement is ready for viewing. All you will have to do is go to our website and click on My Account. From there you can view your statement and your invoices. I'm hoping eventually you will be able to pay them online as well. This will be so convenient for everyone and help our environment!
Pay Pal has now been added to our website. Many people find Pay Pal more convenient and safer than other methods of payment. This should make for some very happy customers!
Market is this week and I can't wait to go shopping for the latest trends! I'll be looking for unique containers and gift items, as well as Fall and Christmas items. So keep a look out on Facebook where you will see them first.
Speaking of Facebook, I have always been a big believer that Facebook is a great way to engage our customers and form relationships with them. At the beginning of summer, I asked Tom if I could reach 1000 fans could I throw a party for them. He said yes! So hoping I didn't stick my foot in my mouth, we will be throwing a party in September. This will be a super fun event with a showcasing of new items, our updated show room, future holiday specials, give aways, food and more.

Got a smart phone? You will start seeing a lot more bar codes like the one below. Just scan it with your phone to get connected to our website quickly!


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Pass Bouquets, A New Trend

Pass bouquets are flower arrangements that are shared by a group of people, For example, someone may purchase an arrangement for an office. Each person gets to keep it at his or her desk for a set period of time. That way, everyone enjoys the flowers.
These bouquets are fun gifts from office managers to their staffs. Or from one employee to another. Some offices even pool funds and purchase a pass bouquet to share each week. It's an inexpensive and fun way for everyone's day to be brightened by flowers.
Print up cute cards that can be sent out with the arrangements. perhaps: "Please keep these beautiful flowers at your desk for the next hour. Then pass them on as a gift from you to someone else. Be sure to share these instructions with the person to whom you pass the bouquet." - Teleflora

What a fun idea to bring excitement to an office while on a budget!!!