Friday, June 15, 2012

  TCU Florist's Holly Callahan recently completed the class entitled Wedding WOW: Bouquets with Style hosted by Teleflora at its state of the art Education Center in Oklahoma City, Okla. Floral designers from all over North America attended the seminar to learn the lastest trends and techniques in flowers for brides, attendants, and flowers to wear.
  Holly participated in four days of intensive hands-on design sessions, mastering the lastest shapes and forms of bouquets. The class also learned about how to care for premium flowers used in wedding work and how to make them last longer. Taught by successful retail florist, Susan Ayala AIFD PFCI of Loma Linda, CA, the class focused on creating coordinated designs to make beautiful wedding memories. Each student was taught how to creat a variety of designs for brides to carry and flowers to wear. Students were challenged to complete a series of projects during the class.
  Holly received a cretificate of completeion from the Teleflora Education Center, now in its 27th year of providing advanced floral education, in recognition of the advancements made during this intense hands-on design class.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Why Moms Never Stop Mothering

As a mom, part of your job is to always mother your kids.  You’re always going to be there for them in some way or another.  Even when they’re adults and have children of their own, they’re not above a little motherly advice every now and then.  While you might not always mother your children in the same way, you’ll always be their mother.

The reason moms never stop mothering is because, as a mom, you’ll always see your children as your babies.  Even when they’re adults with families of their own, they will always be your children.  Of course, children might not always appreciate your mothering, especially when you’re telling them that they’re making mistakes.  However, as a mom, you always have their best interests at heart and are trying to do what you think is best.  In the end, even if they disagree with you, they know you’re coming from a place of love.

How has mom mothered you over the years?
-She gave you life!
-She fed you and changed you
-She got up with you during the night
-She put a band aid on your hurt knee and kissed it to make it all better
-She helped you learn to drive
-She talked to you about your future education
-She gave you the emotional support to get you through the bad times

Mom has mothered you since you were born and will continue mothering you for the rest of your life.  This Mother’s Day, be sure to send her one of our great flower arrangements to show her how much you love and appreciate her mothering.  We have many different options and ideas, and you’re sure to find one your mom would love.  Get in your order for Mother’s Day flowers in Fort Worth, TX, today!

Monday, April 23, 2012

This year TCU Florist hosted its first ever Posh Prom Party. An invitation went out to South Hills High School junior/senior students during their prom fashion show. We made a lot of preparations for the big day. We made sure we had every corsage bracelet and boutonniere holder our wholesalers could get their hands on. We also ordered lots of diamonds, rhinestones, pearls, feathers and beads. The students began showing up right at 2:00 and most hung around until the party ended at 4:00. They had no idea there were so many choices and cool things you could do with corsages.  Our three models enjoyed getting their hair all fixed up at Goldwaves Hair Salon,  dressing in their prom dresses and modeling the newest floral accessory trends. A few girls were really excited about the Peacock feathers and arm bands. Others loved the diamond bracelets and the idea of wearing them long after prom. The guys seemed to be very interested in the food and refreshment buffet!!! Everyone here really enjoyed putting this event on and the students seemed very appreciative. We hope that we can do many more of these parties for our high school community. If you would like to book a private prom party, please contact us. It's FREE! We provide the food and can even schedule a consultant to help with hair and make up selections. We looking forward to hearing from you!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Administrative Professional Humor + $10 Off

Have you prepared for Administrative Professionals Day?  It’s coming up on April 25th, and all administrative professionals know about it.  This is the time to appreciate and honor those who keep the office running smoothly, make sure you’re always on time, keep your clients happy, answer the phones, do a lot of the office organization, and generally make your business run smoothly and without too many problems.

Today, administrative professionals do much more than just take memos and answer the phones.  While they do these tasks, they also must handle scheduling, coordinate meetings, know the most recent computer programs, be able to work increasing-complex office machinery, handle some accounting, and much more.  “Secretary” no longer defines these hard-working professionals.  If you found yourself without your administrative professional, your office could easily fall into disorganization.

Think about it.  Without these people, you would have to take the time to schedule meetings.  That involves setting a time and date when everyone can attend, which can be very difficult if you don’t have everyone’s schedules handy.  You’d also have to answer the phone and handle all of the clients yourself.  When would you ever get work done?  Even if you see clients all day long, you’d constantly have to interrupt to handle other clients on the phone or who just dropped in.

Without your administrative professional’s wisdom, grace, expertise, organizational skills, and humor, you would have much more to handle.  On April 25th, take the time to show these administrative professionals just how much you appreciate them.  Take them to lunch, get them flowers, or have an office party.  Just don’t forget to do something—they DO know about Administrative Professionals Day, and they won’t forget if you forget!

Want to order your administrative professionals flowers?  We’ll help!  Take $10 off if you order flowers for your administrative professional between now and April 20.  Just use code BL2 at check-out. 

Friday, March 23, 2012

How to Have a Fun Spring

There are a number of different fun events you can do in the spring, but before you can really have a fun time, you’ve got to make the transition from winter to spring.  What all does this entail?  Mostly it means it’s time for some spring cleaning!  Here are a few different chores you might want to do so you can get the work out of the way and have a fun spring.

While it’s not everyone’s favorite activity, spring cleaning needs to be done.  The first step in the process is to put away all of your winter decorations, blankets and clothes to make room for your spring items.  There’s no need to have a heavy blanket on your bed, for example.  You also want to make your home look more spring-like: put up your bright, cheery decorations in place of the snowmen and other winter items.

For those who love clothes, it’s time to get out those great spring outfits that look so good on you!  You can box up the scarves and heavy sweaters for another year.  Did you find some spring clothing you didn’t wear last year or the year before?  Donate these gently used items to a local charity.  Do the same with any winter clothes that don’t fit quite right anymore.  Plus, you can use this as an excuse to go buy a new outfit or two.

If you’ve got the time, give your whole house this treatment.  If you haven’t used an item in over a year and can’t truly see yourself using it within a year, get rid of it.  Get rid of anything that seems like it’s just taking up space.  You’ll feel better after purging all these unnecessary items from your life.  Of course, some things get a pass, such as family heirlooms and one-of-a-kind items.

Once you’ve done the inside, it’s time to do the outside.  Following the winter months, homes usually need a few minor repairs.  The gutters may be full of gunk, you might need to do a little painting, and your flowerbeds will need to be cleaned out. 

Finally, to make your winter to summer transition complete, you need a bright bouquet of spring flowers!  We can take care of that!  Order your spring flowers in Houston, Texas, today!